Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Rollercoaster Kind of Day!

The day started out well. I got an email from Crafts N Things and then later from Paper Creations requesting projects. Yeah! I had meaning to submit to Crafts for a long time, and just did for the first time and they saw something they liked! I then arrived home to my goodie box from Paper Trends for an item I had in their June/July issue. It was full of stuff I didn't have...and most of it I can't find around here so that's even better. I got some Dream Street Papers which I'm happy about. The other weekend I contacted every local store for some and no one had any.

Then I got a call from school. Miss Emma (who is in Kindergarten) is testing at a 2nd grade reading level, so they are going to do some more reading with her...go Emma! The day was still on a high note because we actually had a night where we weren't running to activities. I had a couple more cards I wanted to make for a call that ended today. I get home and find out that our internet is out because of some doo hickey that went down and they didn't know when it'd be up. I guess it affected a lot of people. I went ahead and made the cards and crossed my fingers I'd get online in time.

After putting the kids to bed I went into our mudroom where the freezer is and find the door wide open. It has been this way for the last 24 hours! Originally I thought it was my fault, but turns out it was the hubby. There was actually no yelling though and everything is cleaned up...he had been wanting to clean it out for a while...well he got his wish! I still can't get onto our computer, but finally I was able to get on the laptop. I had to do some fancy magic in order to get the pictures onto the laptop, but the cards have been sent off. Of course I know they probably won't get any love, but I tried anyway! So I guess that means the night ended on a high note...internet is back (well sort of anyway).

P.S. Pampered Chef stuff I thought was indestructible...but you can melt the handle on the pizza cutter!!!!

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