Sunday, August 31, 2008

Making It Up As I Go Giveaway!

To celebrate the fact that I have been so darn lucky with giveaways lately, the fact that people actually stop by my blog and also the fact that I will be moving to a larger scrap space in a few months...I want to give away a few things! I'm making a little bit of this up as I go - not sure how many RAK's and how big they will be yet. I might do one big one...might do some littler ones so there are more winners. That might depend on how many entries I get! This is pretty much my life - I make things up as I go! I may update as to what I'm including, once I start doing some scrap room cleaning! I will draw on September 1st - Labor Day!

All you have to do is share an organizing tip, product, idea for a scrap room...or heck it could be for anything in your house. I need help in that area too! If you have any links, that'd be great!

Good luck everyone and leave an email address if I don't have any way to contact you. For shipping purposes I'd better leave this open to only US folks.


The Mom said...

I'm first to post so that has to mean something, right?

Organizing tip: PURGE, PURGE, PURGE! If it isn't something you are going to use then get rid of it. It will just take up space and cause more clutter. You can always purge your unwanted items to family members (hint, hint)!!!

quitecontrary1977 said...

I'm with The Mom on getting rid of things you don't use. Then, break out the boxes and labels. I turn diaper boxes into cardboard drawers. I stack the boxes on top of each other in my closet.

Papertrails by a paper lover said...

Save those jars for organzining once you finish that salsa, sauce, etc. I clean mine out and wash in dishwasher and use san-rinse. Then I fill with odds and ends and who does'nt have those piling up everywhere?

Anonymous said...

Hi, I have lots of stamp sets, and found I "forgot" some of the smaller stamps in them. I stamped each stamp set on a sheet of copy paper, labeled it, 3-hole punched it and put in 3-ring binders. I have one for winter, fall, spring holidays, floral, and masculine. It's easier to page through a binder than juggle stamp boxes, etc., looking for just the right stamp for an accent or background to a main image. This is especially handy with those sets that span seasons, styles.
Gail (

Beth Warren said...

I agree about purging but not always good about doing it. Don't forget to get rid of magazines - tear out LOs you like (often far less than the mag itself), and make an album or binder of ideas.

You can also hold a garage sale or post on craigslist when getting rid of or selling stuff.

Love your PP layout - I just got some of that paper, I'd been dying to get it! (wishing I got more, want to do a mini album with it).

Ami said...

I love the purge tip...and need to abide by it more...

But my tip is to use get different aspects of your life in order.
I have one with sections for each girls daily activities and information sheets about their clubs.
It helps.
I live in a house with 4 other people...and it really only fits 3 of us...haha!!!!

emily said...

Fo me the best organizing tip I just took on was using one big box for paper scraps. I use a 12x12 box i found. So much easier than the overflowing, stuffed accordian file I had been using! Use what works for you!

Luchie said...

I like to wrap my ribbon (1 yard in length or less) onto plastic embroidery floss cards and hang them from 3-inch binding rings. They are pretty to look at when displayed on a hook and let me know what ribbon I have/can use.

Karey said...

Find someone that has children that love to create. Kids love all things that we decided we aren't going to use. They can find a use.
Donate to an after school program.
I teach Sunday School and use extra things for our crafts.
I have jars for my ribbon and buttons.

matts_mom_shari said...

hi! :)
i have a great way to organize your ribbon on my blog!!! :)
{and there's also a chance to win a RAK starter set!!!}
thanks for the opportunity to win some scrappy goodies!!! :)
shari :)

Lisa said...

Just organized all my ribbon, took all the ribbon off the spools and put a paperclip on and then put it on a ring and hung it up,i am a very visual person so i just love this idea and its super easy to take the ribbon off when you want to use it.

Anonymous said...

I love large tackle boxes to keep embellies neat. PSlove your blog and your create sign. I may scraplift some aspects of it using different colors.

Liz said...

I made my own version of the Clip-It-Up and I love it!

Here's pics:

Anonymous said...

ONe thing i dod to use up my stash (which is cleaning:0 ) is to put a basket on my table and fill it with variouds things becasue I always use what is at arms length so those things get used up.
Lori R

Shawn Wenrich said...

I recently purchased the Scrap Box. This has completely fixed my too much of everything problem. I use the larger "drawers" for product lines and them smaller ones for ribbon, embellishments etc. The inside doors of the box have velcro and come with great heavy duty storage bags to attach to them. I store extra alphabets in them and even my CM circle cutter system. I removed the desktop included as I didn't need it and it made accessing the storage area underneath much easier.

Here's the link:

Anonymous said...

a great way to store the clear stamps is to put up a mirror in your scraproom and put all of the stamps on it. looks really cool and makes remembering what stamps you have very easy. good luck in organizing.

Suz said...

I organize by color.... buttons in jars either bought or repurposed - same with ribbon mostly in big canning jars (I tried the clothes pins in the jars they were pretty but took up way too much room - now I have loads of clothes pins lol)

My fav organizing item is my homemade "faux" clip it up I made with a metal papertowel holder, sheetprotectors, cardstock & binder rings. It holds tons of stuff & is easy to find things & get inspired by having them in view.

Lorrie said...

I tend to throw away everything that I don't use, as long as it's NOT scrap related.
In my scraproom is the only place in my entire household that I'm a packrat!!!

Laina Lamb said...

i put all my ribbons on giant safety pins. each color has it's own pin. the pins each hand from a seperate hook on my wall. much easier to see the ribbon and keep it from wrinkling.

Bethie said...

taking the time to sort...really sort and purge is key to startung a good organizational system.

sortimg is really the longest, hardest part.

use boxes

label each one with things like, tags, metal embellies, floral etc. Or sort by themes, like winter, spring etc

as you sort, toss things into the approriate box

when youve gone through everything resort each box.

then put everything into storage containers that fit your budget and space

Wendy West said...

A great way I found to organize my scrap stuff and remember to use stuff that I bought for a specific projects is:
Get a file thingy
Get a cart with drawers thingy
First I separated all of my papers by subject and put them in my cropper hopper big black bucket 12x12 file holder. Then I separated all of my embellishments the same way and put each one into a drawer of the cart. I got one of the carts with the drawers that pull out and have lids so I can take them to crops at Target for $30. This helps me to remember to use all of those embellishments I bought for specific pages.

Anonymous said...

Spinning spice rack for buttons. Clear wall shoe organizer for punches. USPS priority boxes make cheap Cropper Hopper paper organizer. Clutter goes to Church Youth groups

twila said...

I have a paper towel holder mounted on the wall for my ribbons (I use one for gift wrapping ribbons and tape too) I keep my fibers in a embroidery floss box, sorted by colour and texture.
I sort through my papers monthly and donate scraps and cast-offs to my church sunday school program. I use baby food jars to hold brads, beads, eyelets, buttons, etc. (They look really pretty on my shelf)
Hope others can use some of my ideas!

scrapbooking for others said...

I have a drawer that I put all my scraps in and purge it when it gets half full, usually only keeping the cardstock. I go adhere the patterned paper to a blank card, file it in my card keeper and when I want a card all I do is add embellishments.
You can view my scrapbook room on my blog, it took me about 4 years to finally get it like I wanted it.

Anonymous said...

I take the paper towel roller left and cover them with my extra ribbon. I also you the left over rolls for my paint brushes, give the rolls a new look and saves on garbage.