Sunday, January 17, 2010

Is It Summer Yet? My Mind's Eye Breaking Free

It has been below freezing here for awhile, but it has been creeping up to the 30's here and there. So some days are slushy and then some days are slick since there is still a bunch of snow everywhere! I made these cards with My Mind's Eye Breaking Free - Flip N' Flirt and Sun Kissed Collections. I have some cute binkini papers and die cuts that I can't wait to use with pictures of Emma in her swimsuit - just to drive my husband crazy! He thinks she should only wear a one piece (she's 7), but she's really tall and so a one piece tend to leave things peeking out the top. So I figure showing a bit of tummy is the lesser of two evils! Last years was actually more of a tankini so that he wouldn't have a heart attack! I guess I got off on a tangent a bit, but I even used the summer line to make a non summer card as well. That shows how diverse this collection is!

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Annmaree said...

I absolutely LOVE those summery cards!!!

its summer here in Oz. come visit! =D