Sunday, December 14, 2008

When Your Mom Has Ample Supplies.... can make your Webkinz a hat! I don't have scrap things to share this week, so I'll share some of Parker and Emma's recent creations. Bones (the Basset) was needing some headwear the other day. Sophie (the leopard) not to be left out...had to have one too. She kept cutting up the glitter foam paper and when each piece wasn't quite right she kept throwing it away...gasp! We attached the plastic cups with some stretchy jewelry string. Of course the hats lasted all of about 10 minutes, because if you keep taking them off and on they fall apart. Emma has made a variety of hats for Sophie and she often sports a hair bow or a Barbie skirt. Poor Parker keeps begging me to make Bones some clothes, but alas I don't sew. Hey grandma????

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